No one will buy a gadget without knowing how to use it, and no one will drive a car before finding out how to operate it- the online slot machine is no exception, knowing how the slot machines work and how can you increase your winning chances, will always be in your favour. So read on to find out few tips that will make slot machine success coming to your feet.

  • First and foremost important point to keep in mind is that it is a game of luck and never get carried away with it. Keep the money aside that you can afford to lose without affecting your monthly bills and expenditures. Opening a separate account for this purpose will be the best option, with this you will know exactly how much you have to bet for.

  • Then search for the best online casino, not just the ratings of that casino but also the payout details. Though there might be a marginal difference from one casino to another this difference will increase your winning chances.

  • After you have selected the online casino, look for the best game, i.e. the one which has more odds of winning because each slot is different. The higher number of reel a game has the more will be the payouts, but then the chances of winning will go down considerably. Three reel machines are considered to be the best bet. However, the choice is still with the player.

  • Opt to begin playing with the Free spins to get the flavour of the game first.

  • Once you have decided upon the game you want to play then look for the machine you want to play at because each device is different from the other.

  • Make sure to read the instructions, rules and terms carefully as this will help you to understand the pay lines and bonus payout.

  • Try and find out a pattern so that you know when to bet for a higher amount and switch to the lesser amount when you are losing.

  • Remember that slot machines work on Random Number Generator so don't become superstitious when playing the game. If you are losing at one computer or one game, look for something which can offer more play in less money.

  • Always play for free initially to understand the game well and only then play for real money.

Lastly, know your limits.