The "Feature Buy” slots become more and more popular from one year to another. And there are many reasons for that even if not all gamblers like them and not all slots with this feature are the same quality. Just like when it comes to any other slot machine type, you will need to find those that work for you to be completely satisfied.

But if you never heard of the “Feature Buy” function, you should look into it and try it out. Here is a top 10 list of the best feature buy slots that we recommend you to check in. It might open a completely new gambling path for you, and you will not regret that!

To put it short and clear, Feature Buy slots are those slots that allow you to pay separately to get straight to the bonus feature and not wait to see if you can access it by gambling.

This function works like a shortcut for those who want to go straight to the bonus round and try their luck there. This might be pricey tho as each provider establishes a separate price for this “luxury” and it is usually an amount of money that you will have to pay individually from your stake.

Once you purchase the bonus feature, you can expect to go directly into it the next spin, so you don’t have to wait and spin for hundreds of times to get to it if you do get to it.

Even if this feature comes at a cost, you also have to consider that you will make some good wins as well. Most gamblers who decide to buy the bonus round and skip the spins that might not even get them to it, end up with nice payouts and impressive prizes that otherwise, they might not have reached.

Many Indian online casinos that offer this function on certain slots but also other casinos around the world. The risk with this function is that many players face the temptation to purchase the bonus round every time they start gambling. If you want to keep your winnings on top of your loss, this might not be the best strategy.

But if you try to use the feature buy option now and then, without exaggerating, the chances are that you will win a lot more than you put in. Check out with each gambling game to see if it has this feature and give it a try because you might be surprised at the outcome!