One of the most common games at any casino is a slot machine. If you go by the statistics, then around 60% of casino income in the US is from slot machines. However, initially, these slot machines were not the main attraction for the gamblers. It was made only for those who didn't want to go into the intricacies of gambling and just wanted to try their hands in gaming. However, interestingly this idea proved to be a sensational hit and slot games moved from sideline games to the most profitable games in the casino world and a primary source of attraction for the tourists and visitors.

Slot machine was developed sometime in the late 1890s, but since then the form and look of the machine have changed a lot. Like how technology has changed everything in our daily lives, gambling is no exception to the hands of technology. Though the idea is still the same everything is now modernized and computerized. Slot games work on a simple mechanism, but the probability of winning is very less. When the player puts a coin in the machine, it falls in a transparent case and then the player can pull the lever to rotate the reels. After the player pulls a lever or presses a button or touches the screen (in case of touchscreen monitors), to rotate a series of reels (commonly three) that have pictures or numbers or letters on them to get the popular images to win the game. Winning or losing is decided by the picture that the player gets on the pay line (this is the middle line of a viewing window). If the player gets the same picture or image on all the reels, then he or she wins (but sometimes even a single image is also a winner). The winning amount depends on the image or picture that the player gets on the pay line.

Our clients are all our casino and gambling lovers. Free spins are free playing rounds that are offered by many online casinos to attract more and more visitors. This is a marketing strategy to attract new players and maintain the existing players so that they can keep playing on their online casino. This is an attempt by the online casino owners to differentiate themselves from the lot and draw more players. These free spins will give the player to play for free and can offer substantial winning amount. However, these can also be deceptive at times. So please read the terms and conditions thoroughly before you fall for it.