Measurement & Characterisation

to the Nano Scale

CEMMNT provides world-leading measurement, characterisation and analytical services across multiple industry sectors, enabling companies to innovate in design, optimise product quality and performance, reduce costs and maximise competitive advantage.

Through CEMMNT, you benefit from single-point-access to the widest range of state-of-the-art measurement, characterisation and analytical techniques in the UK, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and performance are achieved. This extensive range of over 100 techniques is complemented by open access to the knowledge and experience of over 300 multi-disciplinary experts, each committed to providing you with the highest quality in measurement and characterisation technologies specific to your industry.

However large or small the challenge may be, CEMMNT offers a unique correlation of multiple techniques and industry-leading expertise to provide businesses with customer focused solutions from design concept through to manufacture.

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With expertise spanning across all industry sectors utilising micro and nanotechnology, CEMMNT is able to assemble the perfect team from its network of industry leading partners to provide a fast, cost effective solution however large or small the challenge may be. CEMMNT additionally offers a systems engineering analysis and design approach for tracking more complex, longer term customer projects, applying modelling and simulation techniques to solve your micro and nanotechnology problems.


The use of Metrology not only saves development time and costs, enabling products to get to market faster, it also predicts component compatibility and improves quality. Until recently, however, for many companies, metrology has been viewed as too expensive, complex and difficult to access. With its hub company based in Loughborough (UK), CEMMNT enables clients to overcome these challenges through their unique out-sourced measurement and characterisation service, offering nanoscale measurements by industry leading experts.

Calibration Services

CEMMNT provides a comprehensive range of calibration services delivering a fast turn-around service to re-certify standard samples, calibrate metrology instrumentation and measure components. In Class 7 (10,000) and Class 4 (10) clean rooms, CEMMNT's calibration services enable you to quantify standards and measuring equipment with confidence, to ensure the highest level of accuracy in your results.

Electron Microscopy

CEMMNT enables you to choose from a host of options such as Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Energy-Dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX), providing you with ultra high-resolution images of thin samples, large depth-of-field imaging of solid materials, and allowing visualisation and metrology of 3-D features, surfaces and cross-sections.

Micro Engineering

The demand for miniaturisation of products and components in multiple industry sectors has necessitated the need for both micro engineering technology and, as importantly, the requirement to measure the outputs of these processes. Offering unparalleled access from leading micro engineering specialists, CEMMNT provides techniques with the high resolution required to meet all your micro engineering challenges.

Modelling and Simulation

System engineering techniques, including modelling and simulation, enable the development of product and components to be accelerated and the surety of their success to be predicted. CEMMNT offers a unique opportunity to integrate modelling and simulation software with relevant metrology data, to enable a more accurate and cohesive design process with a faster route to market.

Micro Manufacturing

From micro engineering to micro manufacturing; an industry growing at an accelerating rate, driven forward by the need to reduce process and material costs, product size and weight parameters, thus enabling better productivity and higher profit. If you are interested in learning more about micro manufacturing, please click here to check out the recent article 'Metrology for Micro to Nano Technology' by Richard Leach.

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